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Hema’s Musings–Letter to the Editor

As a native of India, I read with interest Professor Nick Gier’s thoughtful, unbiased analysis (Thursday, February 5, 2015), “Should the US Encourage a Nuclear India?”
It is good to note that he thinks the US ignored the largest democracy in the world and gave military aid to Pakistan. The Patton Tanks and other hardware “to contain communist China” were used against India and East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). During the eighties, US provided weapons to Pakistani military to help “freedom fighters” in Afghanistan (against USSR). The arms welfare increased after the September 11 attacks, despite proof that Pakistan’s atomic energy czar, A. Q. Khan had sold nuclear secrets to North Korea and Iran. Instead of night vision goggles and helicopters to capture Al Qaida, Pakistan requested and received planes and unmanned drones, suitable for war with India.
Although entering nuclear arms race is against Gandhian principles, Indian scientists and citizens are proud of their accomplishments. They said the US won’t help them against terrorist attacks the way it helps Israel.
In 2006, when the Hezbollah captured two Israeli soldiers, Israel invaded Lebanon, killing hundreds. Secretary of State Rice said Israel had the right to respond. In contrast, attacks on India’s Parliament Building, Bombay stock exchange, railways, temples and universities, have been linked to Pakistan. When Lashkar-e-Taiba, a Pakistan-trained militant group attacked in Mumbai, killing 168 people, the Indian Government presented evidence of ties between the terrorists and the Pakistani ISI (Inter Services Intelligence). Secretary of State Rice asked India to “use restraint” because Pakistan assured her the terrorists were “Non-State”.
US must examine the history of countries before donated or selling armaments. India has used caution with military weapons. Still, the Modi government must prove it will act responsibly and guard India’s secular traditions.