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Presidential Primaries–2016

Presidential Primaries—2016
During this Primary Season, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have energized voters disillusioned with government. Sanders pointed out inequalities, and promised free education and universal healthcare. Trump played on the fear of “The Other” and bragged about making America great again. Sanders revolutionized campaign finance by collecting small donations instead of Super PACs. Trump doesn’t have to worry because he is the “richest, smartest, candidate.”
Trump’s views do not represent the views of most conservatives. However, he pledged to support any Republican nominee, and most Republicans, after some hesitation are getting behind him.
Sanders, an Independent, running as a Democrat is sincere and well-respected. But just pointing out the problems is not enough. When asked how he would pass his proposals of breaking up banks, free college and universal healthcare through a Republican Congress, he either talks about the problems or says the enthusiasm his campaign has created would bring the results.
Some voters may not like Clinton, but she has the most votes, is experienced and competent. She lost the Washington State caucuses, but won primaries, which represents will of the majority. However, those results won’t be counted. Sanders and his followers think the Democratic Party is against them. As someone said, “When they win it is a revolution, when they lose the system is rigged.” Sanders, who said super delegates should support the candidate who wins the majority of popular votes, now says, he would persuade them to his side.
Some Bernie supporters say they won’t vote for Clinton in the general election. Such attitudes helped Nixon win in 1968 election and Bush in 2000. Perhaps they want a Trump presidency. In 2008, after a competitive campaign, when Clinton lost, she graciously supported President Obama. Let’s hope Sanders and his supporters follow her example.