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Democrats and Republicans

Letter to the Editor

Moscow Pullman Daily News

Democrats and Republicans

Democratic principles sometimes confuse me, but Republican ideology baffles me.

Democrats believe in taxing and spending, while Republicans believe in cutting taxes and spending. Deficit is high right now, but historically it has gone up under most Republican administrations. According to Republicans, taxes hurt the job creators. Then why did private sector jobs grow in spite of tax increases during the Clinton administration, but were lost after tax cuts and increased government spending during the Bush administration? Republicans talk about fiscal responsibility and small government, yet the number of federal employees and departments have grown during GOP administrations.

Republicans champion a free enterprise system, but approve farm and energy subsidies thereby promoting corporate welfare. For them, corporations are people, but the elderly and poor who don’t have picture identification are not “people” enough to vote.

While Americans of both parties value their freedom, Republicans seem threatened by gun regulations and climate change related laws, but want to regulate marriage and women’s rights.

Both the 2016 presidential candidates have their flaws. However, one has the experience, has worked on social issues, and can compromise while dealing with Congress and world leaders. The other holds grudges, promises to throw his opponent in jail, insults members of his own party who disagree with him, and humiliates women, disabled and people of various ethnic backgrounds.

In a civilized democracy, the opponents compete for votes, but then accept the results, congratulate the winner, and support the government for the good of their country. The winners assure those who didn’t vote for them that they represent all Americans. Drumpf has complained about rigged elections and promised a revolt if his opponent wins. If Clinton wins, five years later Drumpf might retract his rigged-election story but his supporters will continue to delegitimize her victory.