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Presidential elections 2016

Letter to the Editor

Moscow Pullman Daily News

Presidential Election 2016

The double standard in this election season is clear. Clinton’s emails became an issue, but Drumpf’s business-emails and tax evasion were not. Her husband’s infidelity was criticized (as if it were her fault), but Drumpf’s cheating on his wives and bragging about groping women, were dismissed. She was blamed for four deaths in Benghazi, but previous Secretaries of State were not blamed for deaths in Lebanon during the Reagan administration and 9/11 attacks and thirteen attacks on U.S embassies during George W. Bush administration. Without any legal ground or evidence, Drumpf said he would prosecute Clinton. Now he says he won’t, but his followers still believe Clinton committed crimes, just as they believe Obama wasn’t born in the U.S. Even if Clinton had won, the Congress would have attacked her relentlessly.

Some Sanders supporters believe that he would have won because he could reach the disaffected voters. Young voters connected with Sanders, but rural men who had lost their manufacturing jobs didn’t. They believed that Democrats cater to the minorities at the expense of white working class. Clinton couldn’t convey that she cares about them, that automation caused job losses, and businesses were responsible for shipping jobs overseas. She couldn’t explain that training in cleaner and healthier renewable energy would make up for the jobs lost at coal plants. Her message of how much the economy had improved since the recession of 2007-2009 didn’t get across.

I wonder if the party of moral values would have chosen a woman who was thrice-married, six-times bankrupt, had several business-related lawsuits, groped other men and called them nasty, crooked, and corrupt. It seems a competent, experienced woman, especially a Democrat, must have higher standards than a man in order to be elected the president of the United States.