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Please Explain-

Letter to the Editor

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Please Explain – 

Why is the Affordable Healthcare called Obamacare but Bush Prescription Plan for Seniors is not called Bushdrugs? And why did Ryan or Drumpf refuse to have their brand for the now failed replacement for healthcare? It is surprising that Drumpf, who loves his name on buildings, ties, steaks, wines and a university, didn’t want that stamp on his healthcare bill.

Why did the health insurance mandate (proposed by Republicans and the Heritage Foundation in 1993) become a liberal problem as soon as Obama and the Democrats adopted it?

If tax cuts create jobs, why is it that Bush tax cuts resulted in unemployment and deficits, while the Clinton administration before him manage to create jobs and surplus in spite of raising taxes?

After clearing Secretary Clinton of any criminal charges, why did FBI Director Comey announce a few weeks before election that he was investigating more Clinton emails? He later said there was no new information. Why did he withhold information about the investigation of Drumpf Team’s Russia connection, which started in July, months before the election?

Finally, after Drumpf’s many contradictory claims, please explain which part of his speeches should be taken seriously? How do we know when he intends to use air quotes?

Hemlata Vasavada