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Thoughts, Prayers and Nothing Burgers

Letter to the Editor

Moscow Pullman Daily News

Thoughts, Prayers and Nothing Burgers

Whenever there are gun-related homicide, suicide, accidental or mass shootings, the Gun Lobby and their Congressional supporters say their thoughts and prayers are with the victims. But they won’t pass any legislation for background checks to prevent guns from falling in the hands of criminals and mentally ill people. They won’t assure the licensed gun owners that background checks can’t deprive law-abiding citizens of their right to bear arms.

When the president sends humiliating, childish, unethical tweets, Republicans in the Congress say it is un-presidential. But that does not stop the problem. How long are they going to be enablers for Donald Drumpf?

After firing James Comey and tweeting different versions of reasons for firing him, Drumpf finally admitted that it was because of the Russia probe. Some Republicans criticized him, but said it didn’t warrant the need for an independent prosecutor. When Donald Drumpf Jr. arranged a meeting for himself, Kushner and Manafort with a lawyer and few others with connections to the Russian government, Republicans said it was “problematic.” Still, no action needed because it is a “nothing burger.”

President Drumpf and his followers call investigative reports “witch-hunts” that no previous president had to endure. Really? President Nixon was impeached, and President Clinton faced impeachment proceedings (thought unsuccessful) for lesser offenses. How many times did the Republicans question President Obama’s citizenship and religion? How many times did they go after Candidate Clinton for her emails, and blame her for the Benghazi tragedy?

No matter what the president does, it will be a “nothing burger”, “problematic” or “un-presidential” but not enough to deserve actions. Unlike the Watergate era, in this post-Ginrich, post-90’s, it seems the Republicans’ hatred for the Democratic Party, Clintons and Obamas “Drumpfs” their love of their county.