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Shock-Proof Republicans Shocked

Letter to the Editor

Moscow Pullman Daily News


President Drumpf criticized Senator McConnell because he couldn’t repeal Obamacare, and didn’t protect the president from the Russian investigations. He criticized Attorney General Sessions for recusing himself from the investigations. He fired FBI Director Comey for not pledging his loyalty to him, and for investigating his campaign staff.

It didn’t shock the Constitutionalists Republicans, that their leader doesn’t understand the legislative process or independence of the three branches of the government.

Although the president promises to make “America great again,” by bringing manufacturing jobs back, in the past (and perhaps now) his clothes, steel for his buildings, his daughter’s business products, and made-in-Russia elections were imported from other countries.

It didn’t shock the Nationalist Republicans that their leader not only buys foreign goods, he let a foreign government interfere with our elections.

The president has insulted veterans, including Senator McCain for voting against the repeal of Obamacare, and for not attending his Arizona rally.

It didn’t shock the Patriotic Republicans that their leader criticized a veteran and distinguished senator who is going through cancer treatment.

The president announced his decision to end DACA program for the illegal immigrants. Instead of taking the responsibility for his decision, he made his attorney general announce it. Now he wants to shift the burden of decision making on the Congress. During the debate, while Drumpf’s bankruptcies were mentioned, he blamed the management of those businesses for the failures while bragging about his successes.

It didn’t shock the party that prides itself for fiscal responsibility and personal accountability that their leader shifts the blame for his actions on others.

However, when the president made a deal with the Democrats, the Republicans were shocked and outraged. They are against bipartisanship and the Democrats, not against their anti-Republican-values-president.