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Gun Raffles

Letter to the Editor

Moscow Pullman Daily News



The Stevens County Republican Central Committee had plans to raffle an AR-15 for their fund raiser at its Lincoln Day Dinner, but decided against it. That the group and Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers considered this door prize is shocking.

The AR-15 has been the weapon of mass murders in Aurora, Orlando, Las Vegas, Sandy Hook, Texas Church, San Bernardino and Parkland. There are multiple causes for shootings–mental health, bullying, home environment, violent games, and lack of preventive actions by schools and law enforcement.

President Drumpf and Congress are blaming mental health, but they reduced its budget and curtailed restrictions for background checks for gun buyers. Blame also belongs to the laws (or lack of) that allowed access of a military-style weapon and unlimited ammunition to a teenager. It took 17 lives, injured many more, and left the survivors traumatized and grieving.

President Drumpf and the NRA propose guns for teachers because “a good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun.” Good guys with guns in Parkland couldn’t do that. In most murders, good guys without guns have stopped the carnage. After the 2011 shooting in Tucson, Arizona, two men who had tackled the murderer said they were glad they didn’t have their guns because police could have shot them.

The purpose of the Second Amendment was self-protection and hunting. AR-15s are not for either. Some sports enthusiasts love military style weapons for their practice and competition, which is fine as long as such arms and ammunitions are locked in their safe to be used at a specific location.

Since the NRA takes the words of the Second Amendment literally, they should reject modern weapons for “Arms” of 1789. Instead of an AR-15, the Republican Party fundraiser should raffle a 1789 muzzle-loading musket.