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  In an election year of negativity and Fake News there are many false perceptions. While I can’t change them, for my last column as Town Crier, I hope to clarify misconceptions about the Swastika. The symbol has been in the news because of alleged association of Steve Bannon (Donald Trump’s adviser) with White Supremacists. … Continue reading

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Letter to the Editor, Moscow Pullman Daily News The Judgement Seat of the President After the election, when asked about President-elect Trump, President Obama assured the international community and people at home that the seat of the presidency has a sobering effect. He said it “…has a way of waking you up to the realities … Continue reading

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Why is the Affordable Healthcare called Obamacare but Bush Prescription Plan for Seniors is not called Bushdrugs? And why did Ryan or Trump refuse to have their brand for the now failed replacement for healthcare? It is surprising that Trump, who loves his name on buildings, ties, steaks, wines and a university, didn’t want that … Continue reading